The Daddy Blog

Found out last December that my old mentor & friend had slashed his femoral artery and painted his apartment. I spent a couple months calmly reasoning with his ghost, “C’mon,” I would mutter, “Don’t be dead.” Then, as if waking from a long dream, it dawned on me: I should write. Started getting up at 3:30 to write short fiction & poetry. A friend of mine said I should write one of those Daddy Blogs. A Daddy Blog? Later, I took Jackson (9) to soccer practice, put Lucy (4) on a swing, and sat on a bench to read. Lucy screamed, “The wind, Daddy! The wind! It feels so nice. It’s nice in my vagina!” I looked at my daughter. She appeared to me in this context as the radical opposite of all dead things. Her long blonde hair waved and flapped and wind rushed up her ecstatic vagina. I thought: “This perhaps constitutes my right to write one of those Daddy Blogs.”

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