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Before Shutting Off The Lights

“Let’s walk the dog.”

“We don’t have a dog.”

“Baby, please. Don't be so frustratingly literal.”

“How then? Figurative?”

“Yes. Metaphorical. Like a simile.”

“Like a woman with a dog.”


“Like a trip to Spain in springtime.”

“Yes. Freed from the tyranny of selfhood. Out, into the world.”

“Like opening the curtains.”

“Throwing them open with pomp and grandiosity.”

“The white sail in the black breeze.”

“Lake Michigan!”

“Is the ice cube, I wonder, happy or sad to melt in a glass—”

“Of water or lemonade?”


“Overjoyed. Remember? Like the curtains and Spain.”

“But still melting itself. It might be sad.”

“I suppose there’s no telling.”

“Or both somehow.”

“Comes to the same.”

“Like sex and the dream.” 

“Yes. Let’s walk the dog.”