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Below is a video I shot Saturday night in Phoenix, AZ. Since the song's release in early October, it's become something of a personal anthem of mine so it was quite a thrill to be so close to the intensity of its performance (as indicated by the joy on my smug face as the video ends).

Such a great night. All the stars lined up and winked at one another. Darnielle was happy and funny and spontaneous. Decided to play See America Right on a whim. Surprised us with Woke Up New. He crumpled up the setlist and tossed it to me as he walked offstage. I swiped his last bottle of water from right next to the monitor, cracked it open, and took a long pull. Handed it to Gwen, a dear friend with whom I've had damn near daily contact for more than 3 years. She took a big swig and there, then, like fish who suddenly realize they swim in water, previously obscured by the opacity of nearness, we were obvious.